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About Us

About Us

SOLARACIL Egypt Renewable Energy is a joint stock company that provides the Middle East and Africa with many services. It is a certified designer, supplier, installer, integrator and maintenance provider of on-grid and off-grid hybrid thermal solar, PV, wind, batteries, BIPV, CSP, Waste-to-Energy and EV charger solutions in addition to practical advanced training and consultations. 

Our Clients

Our clients are residential sector, hotels, resorts, farms or fishing boats to get 24/7 electricity, bio-fuel or hot water who suffer from the lack, shortage or high bill of energy. 


SOLARACIL is qualified by NREA, Ministry of Electricity & Renewable Energy as a supplier, designer, installer, operator and maintenance provider of PV On-Grid plants. See the certificates
It is also accredited by RCREEE (an international PanArab regional organization specializing in renewable energy) as a supplier and installer of Off-Grid PV stations and Solar Water Pumping.