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Ongrid PV Systems

960x640-Ongrid Systems

SOLARACIL  is officially qualified and eligible to design, install and maintain On-Grid solar PV stations connected to the Electricity Distribution Network EDN called Net-Metering.
This system allows our clients to install a bi-direction meter and open an electricity account that looks like the bank account. When your solar station produces electricity during the day, you can consume it or export whatever excess your consumption into the EDN. 
When you need electricity at night or during cloudy days, you can withdraw from your EDN account balance. At the end of each month the EDN company calculates the net measurement, at the end of the year the balance will be calculated against a rate. You will get a bank transfer.
Net-Metering is a source of income, reduces the bill rate, no need to store energy in costy batteries to obtain electricity at night or in the cloudy days.