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SOLARACIL Academy – a division of SOLARACIL Egypt Renewable Energy.
SOLARACIL Academy is adopting and promoting a unique caree-shifting initiative “From Zero to RE.Hero: Change Your Caree, Make Your Future”.
The challenge was to accept any person with Zero background, no prerequisites, no education and no age limits to qualify him/her to work in the field of renewable energy.
The list of our clients includes large companies, including the Arab Renewable Energy Company (the Arab Organization for Industrialization), Khalda Petroleum Company in Maadi, Petroment Petroleum Company in Alexandria, Al-Nasr Mining Company in Aswan, and others.
SOLARACIL Academy programs enjoy accreditation from several governmental and international entities such as the New and Renewable Energy Authority (Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy), the Faculty of Engineering in Shubra (affiliated to Banha University) and the Danish company Grundfos in the Middle East (a pioneer in the pump industry).
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